Jocelyn Warner

“From the very beginning of conceiving a design, right through to when it arrives in a person’s home, I want that design to convey a particular feeling. When I start drawing, what comes through is the sense of wonder and excitement I first felt on seeing a plant or shape in nature. It has also soaked up a sense of time and place, along with other things I’ve absorbed subconsciously from art, fashion, trends and experiences at that time. The eventual ‘character’ of the design is shaped by all of these things and as it goes through the manufacturing process, I try to make sure that the design holds on to these innate qualities.”
Jocelyn, Jocelyn Warner.

Jocelyn has always had an interest in the design world. Growing up in a 1960’s house designed by her architect father and filled with fabrics and furniture by John Piper, Lucienne and Robin Day whetted her appetite for textiles, modernist design, repeated structures
and pattern.

Jocelyn has a BA in textile design from Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts and studied an MA in computer-aided design and digital printing for textiles at Central St Martin’s. Both Camberwell’s painterly and drawing-oriented course and the hands-on training in print and production at St Martin’s played critical important roles in forming Jocelyn’s style and approach, This resulted in strong conceptual thinking combined with a genuine understanding of the complexities, processes and technologies available in manufacturing; a happy marriage that has led to a diverse and exciting career.

After graduating, Jocelyn established her print/design studio from which a hand print scarf collection was developed and sold through Paul Smith, Joseph and Bergdorf Goodman. At the same time she travelled to Paris, Milan, New York and Hong Kong selling her printed textile range.
Seizing the new design opportunities provided by the emergence of digital media technologies and new inks such as iridescents and gloss, Jocelyn was able to push her exploration into large- scale, graphic imagery for screen printed wallpaper and the foundations were laid for her company, Jocelyn Warner.

The brand launched in 1999 with a collection of hand screenprinted wallpapers; amongst the first to be designed specifically for one wall and banner hanging styles. Using her studies and notes of nature as a starting point, Jocelyn translates those simple elements into designs that are unique and special with the creative hallmarks of scale and innovative repeat structures. Across wallpaper, lighting and textiles, her designs connect with their customers on an emotional level, instilling pure and uplifting emotions through the use of pattern, form
and colour.

Now spearheading a firmly established brand, Jocelyn regularly engages with the fashion and interior design sectors as an influential member of the creative industries.