SS 13 Scarves

March 15th 2013
SS13 Leaf 138 x 138cm Silk or Wool

SS13 Leaf 138 x 138cm Silk or Wool

Very excited about our new SS13 Scarf collection. Digitally printed on beautiful super fine silks and wool fabrics in juicy fruit colours for putting a little bit of sunshine into your wardrobe.

SS13 Lace Scarf 138 x138cm Silk or Wool

SS13 Lace Scarf 138 x138cm Silk or Wool

A selection of colours in store and on line at Liberty

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Inspiring Asia

October 6th 2012

This week I listened and saw 3 interesting and fresh things from Asia that were new to me.

Vogue’s Chinese Editor Angelica Cheung’s video for NOWNESS is a refreshingly modern view on fashion,  it was great to hear her comment on being a working mother and how she has reflected upon this with her work at Vogue …”that since the birth of her daughter her veiw on the modern woman had changed and if she wanted her daughter to become a certain kind of woman that she aspired to then she needed to make sure her readers could become that kind of woman” .

Korea Vogue asked fashion photographer Kim Kyoung Soo to realise a series of fashion portraits based on the  traditionnal Korean costume, Hanbok. These beautiful photos capture a stillness that is so tranquil, I love the colour palettes against the neutral back ground. Images can be seen at  Gallery Paris Beijing


And lastly the number one hit of Korean pop singer PSY, a nice note to go out on on a Friday, I LOVE IT !







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WOW! Barbara Hulanicki

September 25th 2012

Visited the Barbara Hulanicki at the Brighton Museum and was “wowed”!!!

The exhibition captures her energy and design essence, the displays are creative and unstuffy, theres a very ‘Biba’ red wall  with dresses and jackets to try on and imagine the fun of the Biba world.

The show has 3 or 4 brilliant films that portray the creative dynamism of Barbara’s life, one big creative outpouring of fashion illustration, fashion, textiles, interiors, architecture, hotels, cosmetics….starting from her Brighton Art College days right up to her present day endeavours with Top Shop, Habitat and George at ASDA.



Barbara Hulanicki

Not to be missed !

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AW 13 14 Colours

September 24th 2012

Its inspiring to visit Premiere Vision although its always just after London Fashion Week and just before London DesignWeek so no chance for sight seeing or shopping in Paris!

Its hard to sum it ALL up as there is soo much visual information being thrown at you but I will keep it short….

Here are some points from my note book, some times its hard to understand my scrawl and my descriptions so bear with ………

Ornamental Excess Tapestry and Historical, think Gothic and Pre Raphaelite with homage to the Brotherhood – embellished and embossed velvets, oranges, brown – reds, copper, green, smokey blacks, Dandy Jacquards,

Armour influences in its construction shapes / linkage and metallic shines and also in weave constructions.

Patterning in tile formats ie stamp like image repeated in all variations of repeats; 1/2 , 3/4, mirrored etc….

Cement encaustic tiles  Gothic /Victorian/Alhambra.

Tudor / Celtic emblems.

Mathematical patterns “accumulations of micro patterns”.

Trees en mass and dense forests scenes – dark and mysterious landscapes and my favourite Nocturnal Gardens- think dark and moody foliage and flowers, lots of shadow and watercolour brush strokes.

Basket weaves, tapestry Jacquards, knobbly wools, some amazing wild and wooly furs, felted wools for coatings, needle punched knits and very, very chunky sweater knits.

Still life- vases with floral displays, Dutch Masters.

Softly disappearing prints/florals and Tartans

I find it useful to put the colours down in to a collage format,  painting them into strips and then adapting in Photoshop and then writing some notes that I picked up from the show. Quite often the colours I’m drawn to are already in my print palette for example this season its  copper , we used it for Copper Kaleido and I will certainly be looking at using this again for my home range and also for my scarves.

AW 13 14 Collage


Nocturnal Gardens

Nocturnal Garden 2

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New Scarves now on sale at Liberty

September 18th 2012


First batch of scarves have arrived


We are very pleased to announce that our scarves are now in Liberty of London, just in time for London Fashion Week so pop in if you can or visit our website for a closer look  Jocelyn Warner


Flora Midnight

I have been wanting to translate some of my wallpaper designs into scarves for a long time and now I have finally been able to do it. The Letter scarf I designed some 25 years ago, which proves I’m now possibly vintage !!

In those days I hand printed them myself in my print studio and was lucky enough to sell to Paul Smith, Joseph and Bergdorf Goodman, although I really love screen printing it’s great to have them digitally printed this time round.



Flora Misty Wool 140cmx140cm



Poppy Dusty Silk 140cmx140cm



Letter Scarf in Wool or Silk


Poppy Gilded Silk

Watch this space for SS 13 preview


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Know your lace!

February 6th 2012

As Hugh Montgomery says in this Sunday’s Independent ” Know your lace cos it’s not just for doilies and dresses ……”

Thanks Hugh.

Know your lace. Hugh Montgomery, IoS, 5th February, 2012

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Shopper’s paradise

March 29th 2011

Redchurch Street’s reinvention as the area’s best shopping street seems unstoppable, both APC and Labour and Wait have moved in to join Aesop, Sunspel and Caravan. A.P.C is at number 5a and Labour and Wait further down at number 85.

5a Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DJ
T +44 (0)207 729 7727

Labour and Wait
85 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ
Telephone +44 (0)20 7729 6253

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Roll on spring!

January 12th 2011

I know this has been out a while but I really love the prints in Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The mixing of lamé with pigment prints and appliqué creates such lovely contrasts of shiny and matte and of course the silhouettes’ and shoes are great too!

Just one of the interesting prints from the current Miu Miu collection

You can watch the fashion on YouTube

A fashion moment from the Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk show

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Royal Academy Art Fashion Identity

January 10th 2011

I popped into the Royal Academy to see Art Fashion Identity, part of the GSK Contemporary season. It was really interesting and far much bigger than I was expecting. Exhibiting work, are artists and designers that have used fashion and clothing as a means for exploring our identities.

I was initially attracted because I wanted to see ‘Say Goodbye’, Helen Storey’s evaporating dress. A really beautiful piece, this bio-degradable enzyme dress slowly dissolves over time as it is dipped into a huge Perspex bowl of water, making the comment on society’s desire to buy clothing all of the time.

'Say Goodbye'. Image courtesy of the Royal Academy, (c) Helen Storey

The exhibition website also includes a film about her project.

But aside from Storey’s work, there was so much more I enjoyed seeing including films by Cindy Sherman, Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic, Gillian Wearing and a mesmerising installation by Hussein Chalayan. I also particularly liked the layout and display of work by Marie-Ange Guilleminot, inspired by a visit to the Hiroshima Peace memorial museum. Her huge pink kimono with the cut –out stencil print really stood out.

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November 27th 2010

Jack Frost has definitely come to visit and it looks like he’s staying for a while so, it’s time to get cosy. Over the last few years, knitting has really taken off, near our studio in East London you can easily stubble across knitting circles in cafes and pubs and there are a number of trendy knitting shops around the country, plus countless blogs.

I love Wool and the Gang, based in New York. They make gorgeously packaged knitting kits and the website contains loads of inspiration, encouragement and online video tutorials. It’s so cold right now so please let me finish my lovely Wool and the Gang scarf whilst the snow is here.

Wool and the gang scarf

Here's my scarf, nearly there!

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Premiere Vision Autumn/Winter 2011 – 2012

September 30th 2010

The other day when I popped over to trends and fabrics fair Premiere Vision in Paris I scribbled down a few observations I thought worth sharing.

The most noticeably recurring trend was for fabrics that felt very luxurious and soft, yet weighty at the same time – whether cashmeres, silks, shearling or boiled wool. And there seems to be less and less separation between textiles for interiors and fashion.

There were lots of surreal, fairy-tale inspired prints – artist Frederique Morrel combines this with another trend; tapestry.

Image © Frederique Morrel

She also has an exhibition on at the Galerie Chevalier where she’s using 18th and 19th century tapestries to create a series of animals, if you’re in Paris, I’m sure is worth seeing.

The inspiring thing about Premiere Vision is seeing the key themes brought to life in huge styled and curated spaces. These included ‘Disruptive Weaves’ (tight yet soft textures), ‘Deceptively Austere’ (antiqued looking super-soft boiled wools), ‘Luxurious Heaviness’ (faux fur and satins), ‘Fierce Softness’ (strong velvets) ‘Natural Knop’, ‘Beyond Tradition’ (contemporary, sculptural lace), ‘Strange Nature’ (spooky, leaf-less trees) and ‘Zoo’ (bizarre monkey and bird imagery)

Last time I was there, blues were a key colour and they’re still very much in evidence, especially turquoises – often combined with yellows and golds, and sky blues. The other colour that seemed to pop up a lot was a burnt orange as well as misty pinks and reds. A palette called ‘Candied Fruits’ summed this up. Here’s my take on the new colours, which I’m thinking of exploring:

A palette of colours I'm playing with

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Fashion and fairytale on film

September 17th 2010

This week I’m attending Premier Vision, so trendspotting is at the forefront of my mind. When I recently posted about Leonora Carrington I mentioned the fairytale theme in her work and this new film by Luca Guadagnino fits the bill on both counts in terms of its surreal qualities and directional fashion.

Still from Chronology

A still from Chronology by Luca Guadagnino courtesy of Nowness

Called ‘Chronology’, it’s Guadagnino’s first fashion project and a collaboration between Nowness and Net-a-Porter to showcase the autumn/winter 2010-2011 collections. Definitely a must-see if you like your fashion inspiration with a bit of a twist.

Still 2 from Chronology

Chronology's surreal take on the current season's collections. Courtesy of Nowness

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Elephants in town

May 11th 2010

At the weekend I popped into town to have a look at some of the 250 elephants that have been painted by well known designers and artists which are scattered all over London for WWF. It’s worth looking at the Elephant map there is an awful lot of them!!!.

I like this one by artist Patrice Moor called Josephine she looks beautiful wrapped up in a coat of flowers, you can spot her at Sloane Square.

Patrice Moor’s elephant ‘Josephine’

But if you miss seeing them in situ you can see the entire herd at the Royal Hospital Chelsea from 24th June – 4th July.

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Grace Kelly Style Icon

April 30th 2010

Again at the V&A, Grace Kelly Style Icon as the title suggests, traces her journey from actress, bride, princess to fully fledged icon by focusing on Kelly’s style with dresses, jewellery, hats and bags that made up her legendary look. Like Kelly herself, the exhibition is very well put together. There is some great film footage of scenes of her with Gary Cooper and Frank Sinatra, you can see more of her on Pathé of her early days as a model before her film career had really taken off.

The exhibition is very much about what she represented and her persona as opposed to just a series of garments. It makes you wonder about the meshing of her real personality with her starring roles and question which was more influential on how she dressed. Was Kelly’s style molded by Hitchcock and wardrobe designer Edith Head (after all, the studio even made Kelly’s wedding dress and honeymoon outfit), or was this Kelly’s natural look and they created the costumes and characters to match? Either way, the result was effortless and enduring – a style that was simple, understated and elegant, which she seemed to exude in her acting as well as her off-screen presence.

Very GK.

There are a few unexpected pieces to be seen. I loved the black floral dress (wearing pattern was untypical of Kelly) this is the dress she wore to the Cannes festival and on her meeting with Prince Rainer.

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Most Curious

April 21st 2010

Although there are a few of Tracey Neuls’ shoes and a chair by Nina Saunders in the Fashion and Textiles Museum show, I would recommend a visit to Neuls’ store on Marylebone Lane to see more at ‘Most Curious’ a collaboration between Tracey Neuls, Nina Saunders and Sanderson. It uses textiles and wallpaper resurrected from Sanderson’s archive applied to footwear and sculpture. Anchoring the installation is an incredible ‘melting’ chaisse longue and the display also includes Neuls’ use of the wonderful squirrel prints by Sanderson for her fabulous spring/summer collection. It’s a playful, lovely installation.

Most Curious Installation

Tracey Neuls’ shoes made with a selection from Sanderson’s archives

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