Inspiring Asia

October 6th 2012

This week I listened and saw 3 interesting and fresh things from Asia that were new to me.

Vogue’s Chinese Editor Angelica Cheung’s video for NOWNESS is a refreshingly modern view on fashion,  it was great to hear her comment on being a working mother and how she has reflected upon this with her work at Vogue …”that since the birth of her daughter her veiw on the modern woman had changed and if she wanted her daughter to become a certain kind of woman that she aspired to then she needed to make sure her readers could become that kind of woman” .

Korea Vogue asked fashion photographer Kim Kyoung Soo to realise a series of fashion portraits based on the  traditionnal Korean costume, Hanbok. These beautiful photos capture a stillness that is so tranquil, I love the colour palettes against the neutral back ground. Images can be seen at  Gallery Paris Beijing


And lastly the number one hit of Korean pop singer PSY, a nice note to go out on on a Friday, I LOVE IT !







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