SS 13 Scarves

March 15th 2013
SS13 Leaf 138 x 138cm Silk or Wool

SS13 Leaf 138 x 138cm Silk or Wool

Very excited about our new SS13 Scarf collection. Digitally printed on beautiful super fine silks and wool fabrics in juicy fruit colours for putting a little bit of sunshine into your wardrobe.

SS13 Lace Scarf 138 x138cm Silk or Wool

SS13 Lace Scarf 138 x138cm Silk or Wool

A selection of colours in store and on line at Liberty

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AW 13 14 Colours

September 24th 2012

Its inspiring to visit Premiere Vision although its always just after London Fashion Week and just before London DesignWeek so no chance for sight seeing or shopping in Paris!

Its hard to sum it ALL up as there is soo much visual information being thrown at you but I will keep it short….

Here are some points from my note book, some times its hard to understand my scrawl and my descriptions so bear with ………

Ornamental Excess Tapestry and Historical, think Gothic and Pre Raphaelite with homage to the Brotherhood – embellished and embossed velvets, oranges, brown – reds, copper, green, smokey blacks, Dandy Jacquards,

Armour influences in its construction shapes / linkage and metallic shines and also in weave constructions.

Patterning in tile formats ie stamp like image repeated in all variations of repeats; 1/2 , 3/4, mirrored etc….

Cement encaustic tiles  Gothic /Victorian/Alhambra.

Tudor / Celtic emblems.

Mathematical patterns “accumulations of micro patterns”.

Trees en mass and dense forests scenes – dark and mysterious landscapes and my favourite Nocturnal Gardens- think dark and moody foliage and flowers, lots of shadow and watercolour brush strokes.

Basket weaves, tapestry Jacquards, knobbly wools, some amazing wild and wooly furs, felted wools for coatings, needle punched knits and very, very chunky sweater knits.

Still life- vases with floral displays, Dutch Masters.

Softly disappearing prints/florals and Tartans

I find it useful to put the colours down in to a collage format,  painting them into strips and then adapting in Photoshop and then writing some notes that I picked up from the show. Quite often the colours I’m drawn to are already in my print palette for example this season its  copper , we used it for Copper Kaleido and I will certainly be looking at using this again for my home range and also for my scarves.

AW 13 14 Collage


Nocturnal Gardens

Nocturnal Garden 2

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New Scarves now on sale at Liberty

September 18th 2012


First batch of scarves have arrived


We are very pleased to announce that our scarves are now in Liberty of London, just in time for London Fashion Week so pop in if you can or visit our website for a closer look  Jocelyn Warner


Flora Midnight

I have been wanting to translate some of my wallpaper designs into scarves for a long time and now I have finally been able to do it. The Letter scarf I designed some 25 years ago, which proves I’m now possibly vintage !!

In those days I hand printed them myself in my print studio and was lucky enough to sell to Paul Smith, Joseph and Bergdorf Goodman, although I really love screen printing it’s great to have them digitally printed this time round.



Flora Misty Wool 140cmx140cm



Poppy Dusty Silk 140cmx140cm



Letter Scarf in Wool or Silk


Poppy Gilded Silk

Watch this space for SS 13 preview


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A first look at our new wallpapers

August 7th 2011

A nice, summery Friday afternoon is just the time to share a little bit of news. We have been beavering away on a brand new collection of wallpaper and the forever lovely website Designsponge has just posted a sneak preview.

Two of our new papers, ‘Dandy’ and ‘Lace’ have been produced using surface printing, one of the oldest methods around and the one that most closely resembles block printing – the favourite method of William Morris. Surface printing leaves a wonderful hand painterly feel to the paper, adding a richness and depth which can’t be achieved by any other form of production.





For ‘Wisteria’, another new addition to the wallpapers, we are using gravure, another of my favourite printing techniques. It enables us to create a look which is simlutaneously hand-painted and photographic. Clever stuff!



Colour themes for ‘Dandy’, ‘Lace’ and ‘Wisteria’ follow trend directions, think eclectic lemony yellows, turquoise and pinks, shadowy tones for blacks, silver and relaxing blues and a luxurious gun metals. We look forward to showing you more in the next few weeks.

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Design*Sponge interview

March 17th 2011

I’m excited to say that the lovely online design magazine Design*Sponge has just published an interview with me as part of the ‘What’s in your toolbox?’ series. This is a peek behind-the-scenes, giving readers an insight into the likes and inspirations of a particular designers. Click here to read my contribution

Thanks so much to Design*Sponge for the feature.


Something from my toolbox!

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Future Style – a round-up from Premiere Vision Spring-Summer 2012

March 11th 2011

Returning from Paris laden down with brochures, swatches and info packs it’s taken a little to digest but here’s my take on last month’s Premiere Vision show.

Florals were a strong presence again, described as ‘bucolic’ at times, other times they were more painterly. There was a dominance of tropical motifs (either palm trees or parrots!), tribal/ethnographic prints and geometric patterns.  In terms of colour, there were loads of really modern-feeling warm brights, sometimes perhaps inspired by Pop Art and Jackson Pollock. Edges of fabrics were often frayed, scalloped or laser cut in ways to deliberately enhance the qualities of the material.

Fruit has been an emerging trend recently (see Stella McCartney’s lemon print dress below) and featured again, mostly lemons, strawberries and cherries but sadly on fabric, these don’t count towards your 5-a-day.


Citrus print dress by Stella McCartney

Citrus print dress by Stella McCartney.

Another growing trend that we’ll still be seeing a lot of this winter and next spring is sequins. Prada featured them in its forthcoming winter collection, large and like fish scales!


Prada's large sequins

Extra-large sequins featured in Prada's Autumn/Winter 2011-12 show. Image from

At Premiere Vision there was a real sense that fabric manufacturers are continuing to experiment with sequins even more in terms of how they are applied and the possibilities of combining them with other techniques and materials.

The best thing about Premiere Vision is that it’s an opportunity to see first-hand what the very best manufacturers are doing and check out the newest innovations and creative technologies. My favourite of the show was Jakob Schlaepfer. Two of their fabrics particularly caught my eye. One was a layered piece with a butterfly print layered onto chiffon with scalloped sequined edges.


Sketches at Premiere Vision

Trying to capture the intricate and delicate Jakob Schlaepfer fabric in my sketchbook!

The other was covered in white sequins that were reversible by touch. On the back they were digitally printed with a floral pattern. It’s hard to describe but it was really amazing. Here are a few images:


Sequinned reverse fabric by Jakob Schlaepfer

Visitors to Premiere Vision play with the reverse print sequin fabric. Image (c) Jakob Schlaepfer

Intricate fabric by Jakob Schlaepfer

Detail of one of Jakob Schlaepfer's intricate fabrics. Image (c) Jakob Schlaepfer

Intricate Fabric by Jakob Schlaepfer

Another 'haute' fabric by Jakob Schlaepfer. Image (c) Jakob Schlaepfer

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An update from Paris

February 1st 2011

Sorry I’ve not been blogging for a little while but I’ve been v.v.v. busy launching our new fabric range at Maison & Objet last week and then coming down with a nasty cold. So I have only just re-surfaced and been able to look through our pictures of the event.

This was our first time exhibiting at Éditeurs, a key part of the show. As you may may know, Maison & Objet is huge. Using all 8 of the exhibition halls at Paris Nord Villepinte, it caters for every type of buyer from wallpaper, table tops, bed linens, furniture, accessories to artificial flowers and stuffed polar bears… yup there were 2 at the show amongst stuffed penguins and owls (remember taxidermy is a growing trend after all!)

I wanted our stand to have a ‘one off ‘ sort of feel, more like an eclectic retail store than the flat walls of the normal exhibition spaces. We managed to make the table out of some beautiful mahogany wood that was salvaged from a science lab (still had the holes for the Bunsen burners!) which we put onto a pair of old builders’ trestle legs, with a shelf underneath for rolls of wallpaper and storage for the fabric and wallpaper books.

I got some hazel wood ladders made so that we could hang the wallpapers in roll form on each step…

…and managed to find a scaffolding rack on wheels from a flea market that lent itself very well for displaying and draping fabric over:

Also from same flea market I found some lovely old wooden fruit crates, which were perfect for storing the newspapers we’d had printed for the show. We then had the beautiful vintage sofa upholstered in Flora Graphic and the mid-century chair in Treetops Blue placed along the sides with the Bloom rug bringing colour to the floor as the final touch.

We got some great feedback with many people commenting on the “calmness”, “softness”, “soulfulness” and “uniqueness” of the work and that showing it in this way had helped them to interpret the designs on more a personal level. Which was great as that’s exactly what we wanted to get across: something timeless mixed with modern creating a unique look! Hope you like the photos. If you came to see us, thanks so much and thanks also to Design Sponge for the article!

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Paris here we come!

January 17th 2011

All final preparations are underway for Maison et Objet which opens on Friday .
We have been working towards this for a while so it’s really nice to see everything coming together now.

Two firsts are happening: this will be our first time exhibiting at this show which, for anyone that has been, will know it’s huge and covers practically everything for interiors.

The second first (if that makes sense!) is the launch of our first fabric collection which I am absolutely delighted about. It is so great to be back working in textiles again.

As with our wallpapers the fabrics are British-made and have the Jocelyn Warner signature colourways and design scale. Produced on a beautiful linen fabric they have a sense of natural yet sophisticated style that fits very well with the urban chic lifestyles that we see so much of today. Below is a preview of what we’ll be showing but if you’re coming to Paris, pop by our stand to say hello and see for yourselves!





Flora on a sofa!

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Roll on spring!

January 12th 2011

I know this has been out a while but I really love the prints in Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The mixing of lamé with pigment prints and appliqué creates such lovely contrasts of shiny and matte and of course the silhouettes’ and shoes are great too!

Just one of the interesting prints from the current Miu Miu collection

You can watch the fashion on YouTube

A fashion moment from the Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk show

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Shadow Catchers

January 10th 2011

Also whilst at the V&A make sure you see the fabulous Shadow Catchers a show of camera-less photography, using processes such as C-type prints, dye destruction print, gelatine – silver print and my favourite is photogram and of course Cyanotype which I have mentioned before

Artists Pierre Cordier, Laszlo Moholy- Nagy, Floris Neususs, Gary Fabian Miller, Susan Derges and Adam Fuss give an insight into their world of making pictures that come from the soul and are focused in catching the “moment of life”.

Photogram by Floris Neususs, image courtesy of Flickr

From the series of My Ghost. Courtesy of Thomas Paul Fine Art, (c) Adam Fuss

Daguerrotype by Adam Fuss

Daguerrotype by Adam Fuss. Image courtesy of The Independent

There’s also a good selection of artist’s videos on the V&A site here:

Totally awe inspiring!

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The fabrics are coming!

November 4th 2010

Sorry not to have blogged for a while, but I’ve been wrapped up in the production of our first ever fabric collection. It has been so exciting to realise some of the wallpaper designs into fabrics, having started off some 20 odd years ago hand printing my own fabrics on my little 3 meter print table, it’s awesome to see the huge industrial machines tackle the print run. They estimate 20 meters every minute …WOW! A far cry from my all-day-to-print run for a measly 25 scarves and having the odd ink splodge!!

Here are a few snap shots I took whilst at the printers:

The 'Treetops Birch' screen on the flatbed

'Blossom' being checked

Me and Tony doing the glasses test

Samples of 'Flora'

Now that the production is underway we’ll be getting stuck in to organising the fabrics’ launch which will be in Paris at Maison et Object in January 2011. Come and say hello if you’re there!

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Heretic Printmakers at the Anti-Design Festival

September 30th 2010

Not far from Tent, on Redchurch Street, the Heretic Printmakers temporarily set up shop to create off-beat, fine art screen prints. Squeezed into the MEN gallery’s tiny space, they looked like they were having a lot of fun.

Freshly made prints at Heretic

You can read more about what they got up to at their blog.

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Also at the Serpentine

September 17th 2010

The other reason for going to the Serpentine was to catch the exhibition of Wolfgang Tillmans’ work.

The photographs of Wolfgang Tillmans are beautiful. I especially like the huge C-Type prints. ‘Urgency XXI’, looks like drops of red dye floating and dispersing in water- very delicate and I love the pink hue.

His take on exhibition display techniques is so refreshing. Many of the prints are either simply stuck with Sellotape directly to the walls or hang from bulldog clips and nails. He also experiments with different printing techniques, photocopies, C-Types on matte and gloss papers giving his work a uniqueness.

One room features large cubed blocks of colour in the form of shiny C-Types which create a striking ensemble of blue, turquoise, yellow, white, red and violet; some dense in hue and others faint and tonal. But my favourite is the forest print ‘Wald (Tierra del Fuego) II’, a huge monochromatic C-Type; I love the matte paper and the depth of tones.

Wald (Tierra del Fuego) II © Wolfgang Tillmans

I also learnt something new and must try to remember to watch out for the next transit of Venus on the 6th June 2012 I may well forget so it was nice to see Tillmans’ photos of the last event, which occurred in 2004. After 2012 it won’t happen again for another 125 years so better put the date in your diary! Meanwhile, pop in and see this before it closes this Sunday.

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The work of Peggy Angus

September 13th 2010

Eric Ravilious’ ‘Furlongs’, a wonderful painting of his friend Peggy Angus’ house revived my interest in her work, which I hadn’t seen since my student days at Camberwell when we were introduced to lino cutting and mono prints. Her house featured in ‘Furlongs’ was often full with artist friends such as Ravilious, Edward Bawden and John Piper to name but a few. It was just down the road from the Omega group’s Charleston Farmhouse and although apparently the two groups didn’t mix it’s amazing to think of that many artists within a 5-mile proximity, both exploring the South Downs as inspiration for work.

Eric Ravilious, Furlongs (1934), Image courtesy of The Bookroom Art Press

Peggy Angus’ work explored the repeating tile pattern. Using potato and lino, she made designs that combined modernity with traditional methods, the results were both beautifully simplistic and yet current in shape and form.

Peggy Angus, Ceramic Tile, 1950s

Peggy Angus, Ceramic Tile Design, 1950s

A student with Ravilious and Edward Bawden at the Royal College of Art, she was influenced by her tutor Paul Nash who encouraged to explore a range of techniques such as lino and wood engraving. I would recommend looking at Peggy’s tile designs many of which were designed for new schools during the 50’s. It’s also worth noting that working with Carter’s of Poole, she developed a new process of silkscreen printing onto tiles.

Illustration: Peggy Angus. Ceramic tile design 1951

Peggy Angus, Ceramic Tile Design 1951

Peggy Angus also produced bespoke, hand printed wallpapers, which were printed with lino blocks onto wallpaper lining paper using household emulsion paint (which, by the way, is still a really cheap and quick way of making a print! I have done this in the past for my Leaf and Lily wallpapers). She won Sanderson’s competition to mark the company’s centenary both Cole & Son and the Wall Paper Manufacturers Ltd bought her. Ideally though, Angus preferred to produce her own work as she felt that the art of making and the effects that the “hand” made were irreplaceable.

Sadly, her Camden studio and house, which was adorned in her wallpapers and prints, were pulled down by the council. It would have made a wonderful public research and reference library, something that is lacking in the textile world. Instead, there is plenty of information at Middlesex University’s Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture.

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Very Sanderson

April 20th 2010

For anyone interested in British textiles, Very Sanderson: 150 Years of English Decoration is on at The Fashion & Textile Museum until 13th June is definitely worth a visit. It traces the firms development from the very early days to the present to the 150th anniversary Vintage Collection launched this year.

It’s especially fascinating to see the early photogravure papers that were introduced in 1923, way before they became standard in the industry. Sanderson really pushed the boundaries of this technique. The exhibition includes some fine examples of papers that have gravure metallised canvas grounds, which were then surface printed with water-based emulsions. Another paper that shows the range of textured gravure grounds is from 1926 by Harry Watkins Wild – a beautiful peacock print. Look out for it as it hangs in the entrance hall on the way into the exhibition.

There are also some interesting interviews with people significant to Sanderson’s history. Pat Albeck discusses her design Sunflowers that has been re-launched. It was first produced for one of my all time favourite collections, the Palladio, but I think this design really stands the test of time and still looks fresh and contemporary. Elsewhere in the film Albert Riva, Sanderson’s Italian agent who grew up understanding and appreciating the collection and took over from his father in the 1960s, talks with affection about the company.

Accompanying the 150th anniversary celebrations is ‘Sanderson. The Essence of English Decoration’ by Mary Schoeser. She is an authority on textiles and wallpaper and her beautifully illustrated book is a must if you’d like a more detailed look at the company’s history and developments.

'The Essence of English Decoration', by Mary Schoeser

CFA Voysey, William Morris, Picasso, John Piper, Lucienne Day, Norman Hartnel… ‘Very Sanderson’ celebrates a roll call of amazing designers and artists invited over the years to combine innovation with timelessness. Long may it continue!

For more information see the Fashion and Textiles Museum blog and download the Sanderson history timeline.

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