Opening an account

To open an account in the UK, please contact us by email, or on +44 (0)1273 858137 to arrange a visit by one of our regional representatives to present our collection.

Becoming a stockist

If you would like to become a UK stockist, please contact us on the details above so we can arrange a visit by one of our agents to present our collection. To become an international stockist, please contact Simon Warner Bore by email or on +44 (0)1273 858137.

Stockists carry our books (see below) and are named on our stockist list on the website.

Becoming a distributor

To become a distributor, please contact Simon Warner-Bore by email, or on
+44 (0)1273 858137.

Wallpaper & Fabric Books

Our wallpaper and fabric books are designed in a standard large format so it is easy to appreciate the large motifs; each design is also photographed in context showing the effect of the repeat. For our fabrics we also offer hangers. The hangers are made to order and showrooms can choose the large fabric piece or ‘feeler’.

The books are designed to last in the toughest showroom environment.

Jocelyn Warner Wallpaper Book Cover

Jocelyn Warner Wallpaper Book Contextual Photo Inside Book

Jocelyn Warner Wallpaper Book Wallpaper Sample Inside Book